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 "On Sunday March 21st, I was watching the communion service online. As the man of God prayed for the communion, I took it along with him. He was praying for healing. I was recently taking medicines for eczema. From that day, I have not taken any medicine. Earlier whenever I used to skip taking that medicine even for one day, rough patches would start to form on my face. But after that Sunday, my face is normal even without taking any medicine!! There are no more formation of rough patches. Glory to God!! Hallelujah!"


"Dear Prophet Ed, first I would like to thank you and your prayer team for the prayers you have given to my mom. Recently, she was brought to emergency room because of blocking out where she see complete darkness. The vessels of her eyes got ruptured which created a solid blood clot to her eyes. I was too nervous and I believe in the power of prayers. I believe in you and your ministry that God is using you. After the day, I watched you on YouTube and emailed you for my prayer request, the following day my mom's eye got cleared up. Thank you so much."


"I have a gift of singing. The devil had stolen my voice. Prophet Ed sprayed the water on my throat. When I was in my car, I began to sing and I realized my singing voice was back!"


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